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Why should you buy from local companies?

When it comes to purchasing shredding services, you can either patronize a locally-owned, small to medium-sized business or give your money to a large national company. 

The Profits that go to a local business owner are also far more likely to be spent in our community. That means when you buy from local vendors, your money stays in our community as well as is re-circulated within the community. 

Local business owners care about the interests and concerns of local citizens, they live in the community. 

Local businesses usually do everything possible when times get tough to stay in the community, whereas national companies will abandon their buildings and the community for a more profitable location. 

Locally-owned businesses make our community unique by bringing more service and product diversity as opposed to nationally-owned companies. 

Locally-owned businesses offer a personal touch and because they want you to come back, they actually care about what you think. 

YOU have the power to affect positive change. 

Think Before You Buy – Before you make any purchase from a national company, look first for viable local alternatives. 

We look forward to being your preferred document shredding provider.

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