What Should I Shred?

Any of the documents below (and many more) have information that can be used for malicious behaviour. 

1 or 2 pieces of (what may seem like) harmless information about you or your customers can be used to:

  • Impersonate;
  • Apply and receive loans, credit cards, other debts;
  • Cancel or open bank accounts;
  • Purchase flights;
  • Cause malicious damage in your name;
  • Cause financially malicious damage that can cause to declare bankruptcy.

The important part to remember is that it happens to more people than you think and it can happen to you or anyone whose information you have kept.

Remember: no personal information is “harmless”. Just 1 or 2 documents in the wrong hands can ruin someone’s financial and personal life. It happens all the time.

Credit / Debit Cards, Statements, Receipts

Invoices, Payslips, Receipts

Originals or copies of your ID documents

Car registration, finance or insurance details

Tax Documents and Returns

Legal Documentation, Deeds, Contracts

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should give you an idea of the kinds of documentation that you need to keep secure, and securely destroy when you no longer need to keep them.