Is information secure in your office?

There are potential weak points in your office that you may not be aware of.
We’ll point some of them out below.

The small rubbish bin next to the desk
Never put printed documents into this rubbish bin. It should go straight into a lockable security bin for secure destruction.

The recycling container next to the printer
Recycling is great for the environment, and everyone wants to do their part. However, it leaves decisions too open for your employees as to whether a piece of paper is sensitive or not. Adopt a shred-all policy to mitigate this potential risk.

Desk Top
Files left unattended on top of a desk or workstation is an invitation for a potential leak/theft of information. You probably have a number of people that come through your office everyday plus the crews that are in your office for cleaning and repairs etc. Have a company policy that before an employee leaves their work area at the end of the day or for an extended period of time, no papers are left on their desk.

Your file room / filing cabinets

File rooms can contain a lot of business/client/employee information and must be locked. Filing cabinets fall into the same category as the file room. All filing cabinets should have locks on them. Keys should be given to a limited number of staff to control access to sensitive information.